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Today, it is easier than ever to produce a movie. New filming and recording technologies have significantly brought down the cost of equipment and the internet has made it easier than ever to find experts willing to edit at a fraction the price it would otherwise cost. Before you dive into making your own film, you must first understand what the responsibilities of a producer are.

Who is a film producer?
A real produce is the person who employs everyone—from the cast and screenwriter to the director and distributor. Although directors have the “film by” credit right, it is more of a misnomer because the movie is by the producer, without whom there would be no movie. As a producer, you must know every aspect of the filming and production process. You must recognize and hire good talent and put together a skilled cast and crew. You must be relentless in following up on everything to the tiniest detail. You must also identify the scenes and locations of the movie and negotiate to get time to film—even if filming some scenes in a real jail and the criminal getting a bond to get released.

The stages of making a movie
There are three stages to making a movie. The first is pre-production. In this stage, the script is developed, the movie is planned and funds for the movie raised from investors or whoever is financing the film. In the second stage of production, the film is shot and reels (or raw film) is handed over to post-production. The third and last stage, post-production, is where the editing, visual effects and grading is done. If you are making a movie about end of the world with flooding or great disasters then special effects come in handy.

Every stage of the production process is very important. What you do as a producer before the cameras start rolling is just as important as what you do on the day the film is screened. As the producer, you must go through the scripts if you did not write them and properly storyboard the film long before the cast is put together.

Ensure that every stage of the filming and production is budgeted for and that you have the copyright clearances for music soundtracks and visuals. You must also make sure you have the permission for the scenes you will be filming and administration ready for you, especially if it is a tricky place like a busy street or dangerous prison. It is important that you get into your character and the best way to do that is to live it. If your are a prisoner like in Shawshank Redemption movie then spend a little time in a local jail to get a feel for acting in the movie. Just like the reporter did in the video below.

What is most important?
Perhaps the most critical part of the movie making process is writing the script. You can have the best actors and even the most expensive kit but if the script is terrible, you will make a horrible film. Most experienced produces say location is another important factor after the script. Where these two meet, is the storyboard. To be an excellent producer, you must be excellent at story boarding.You will also need to know when to go big with special effects and when to keep the huge natural disasters with things like tidal waves, explosions and jail breaks to a minimum.